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Welcome to the official website of OMBRA GVG Publishing House.

Founded in 1998 by Vasilika and Gëzim Tafa, OMBRA GVG is one of the most well-known publishing houses in Albania.
Our publications include a carefully selected variety of the most well-known classical and modern authors from all over the world. We are very proud of our books' general presentation in all their components and we have been honored with different prizes in National and International competitions for the uncompromising artistic value of our titles, and due to their great appearence/design as well.
We have always offered to our readers only the most critically acclaimed titles, from famous classic and contemporary literature, from Albanian and foreign authors.
Certainly, our passion, our determination, and desire to bring only the most valuable books has been rewarded. OMBRA GVG Publishing House has been awarded with many important cultural prizes such as The «Lumo Skëndo» Prize 2010, granted by The Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports (Republic of Albania), and the National Library of Albania.

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