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Doktrina Shok


Titles published by OMBRA GVG range from books for children, Albanian and foreign contemporary literature, classic literature to scientific and professional books.
OMBRA GVG Publishing House is focused on its goal to provide only serious literature. We pay attention to the selection of the authors and their works. Our work has certainly drawn the attention of many readers, researchers or critics.
Many of our titles have been rewarded at book fairs where they have been exhibited, due to their artistic values and design/print qualities. One of these special awards is particulary “Lumo Skëndo” National Prize 2010, rewarded by The National Library of Albania and The Ministry of Culture, Tuorism, Youth and Sports, to OMBRA GVG for the book entitled “Consuetudinary and Ordinance of The Cathedral Church of Drishti”. This is a rare book not only for casual readers, but also for researchers, critics and laureates. The publication is also a merit of the dedicated work of Dr. Musa Ahmeti and Dr. Etleva Lala.
In order to keep pace with the latest foreign publications, OMBRA GVG has cooperated with a vast number of European and American publishing groups.

OMBRA GVG Publishing House will always be present at your library through its latest titles.

Books for kids

Our activity is spread among many series, and children’s literature is absolutely one of the most precious among them.
The series are structured regarding the age criteria and the psychomotor evolution. A careful selection of artistic literature and alternative sources of education has been made for pre-school children (0 to 6 years old).
The spectrum expands with the concept of anthologies as part of the educational process, for the Elementary and Middle School book series. Through the information and knowledge got step by step, pupils are able to choose books according to their intellectual and educational evolution and standard. This new range includes a variety of encyclopedic, scientific, didactic and artistic titles for kids.

OMBRA GVG provides only the most distinguished books for young dedicated readers.


Equinox is conceived as an independent series, dedicated principally to Albanian contemporary literature. Many important authors and titles (both prose and poetry) have been identified under the logo of “Equinox”, whose works are written in Albanian.
Equinox has established a significant authority within OMBRA GVG Publishing House’s corpus, and may be easily distinguished due to its own typology.
This identity is evident throughout the OMBRA GVG Catalogue.

Naomi Klein - Doktrina Shok
The Myth of Nations Buzzati Opus Ombra GVG Where are we going dad? Anthology

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