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OMBRA GVG Publishing House

Founded in 1998 by Vasilika and Gëzim Tafa, OMBRA GVG is one of the most well-known publishing houses in Albania.
Its publications include a carefully selected variety of the most well-known classical and modern authors from all over the world. We are very proud of our books' general presentation in all their components and we have been honored with different prizes in National and International competitions for the uncompromising artistic value of our books, but also due to high quality of design and print.
OMBRA GVG Publishing House has developed collaborations with a variety of famous Italian, English and even American publishing houses such as: Feltrinelli, Mondadori, Rizzoli, Einaudi, La Coccinella, EdiCarta group, McRae Books, Cacucci Editore, Gallimard, XO Editions, Stock Editions, Oxford University Press, HarperCollins Publishers, Random House, Hachette Group, Penguin Picador, Faber&Faber, Farrar Straus and Giroux, Hyperion, Warner Books, Bookworn Llc, MIKENA Print etc.
OMBRA GVG is an important part of intellectual circles not only in Albanian territories, but abroad as well. We offer only the most selected titles of Albanian and foreign literature.
OMBRA GVG Publishing House’s contribution to the Albanian publications has been priceless. Our publications have had a dramatic impact on the Albanian book market. OMBRA GVG has earned the label of a prestigious publishing house.

Metaphor Visual Studio

An integral and inseparable structure of OMBRA GVG Publishing House is Metaphor Visual Studio (a.k.a. MVSdesign), our design department. Metaphor is responsible for the design of the books published by OMBRA GVG.
We offer a variety of services in visual/graphic and print design. Our clients vary from Non-profit Organizations such as UNDP, UNFPA, Co-Plan, Planifikimi Familjar etc., to large businesses such as Mireli, Ferlat or Matrix Construction. MVSdesign have developed collaborations with a vast number of English and American design studios.
Creativity, experience and the Avant-Garde concept are our main characteristics. OMBRA GVG’s in-house designed book covers testify our high-end services, (awarded with prizes such as “Best Covers” at many book fairs where they were exhibited), and so are our flyers, catalogues, posters, logos, albums or advertising campaigns.
Metaphor Visual Studio welcomes everyone who seeks a fertile collaboration with us.


Equinox is conceived as an independent series, dedicated principally to Albanian contemporary literature. Many important authors and titles (both prose and poetry) have been identified under the logo of “Equinox”, whose works are written in Albanian.
Equinox has established a significant authority within OMBRA GVG Publishing House’s corpus, and may be easily distinguished due to its own typology.
This identity is evident throughout the OMBRA GVG Catalogue.

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